Spring 2012 MTSU Poll results

  • Santorum and Romney lead Republican primary field in Tennessee.
  • Presidential race tightens, but Republicans still appear to be in lead.
  • President Obama’s job approval back to the “norm” in Tennessee.
  • Most approve of and would re-elect Senator Corker.
  • Most approve of Governor Haslam after first year in office.
  • Plurality approve of state Legislature’s work.
  • Repeal of voter ID law has little support, but confusion about the law persists despite rising awareness.
  • Few think new teacher evals are helping, and most think class sizes should hold steady or shrink.
  • A third have no severe weather warning device, and half usually get an hour’s warning or less.
  • Tennesseans express little approval of the Tea Party, less of Occupy Wall Street.

Press release
Detailed report and analysis
Exact question phrasing and sequence
Question-by-question results
Data file (SPSS format)


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For over a decade, the Survey Group at MTSU has been providing independent, non-partisan, unbiased, scientifically valid public opinion data regarding major social, political, and ethical issues affecting Tennessee. The poll began in 1998 as a measure of public opinion in the 39 counties comprising Middle Tennessee and began measuring public opinion statewide in 2001.

A commercial polling firm gathers the data. Survey Group principals Dr. Ken Blake and Dr. Jason Reineke, members of the MTSU School of Journalism’s faculty, develop each poll’s questionnaire and interpret and disseminate its results in coordination with students in pursuing coursework or producing student media in MTSU’s College of Mass Communication.

NOTE: Data files may be downloaded and analyzed with these restrictions: Researchers wishing to make academic or scientific use of these data must request and obtain permission in writing from the Director of the Office of Communication Research prior to presentation or publication. For general descriptive use, we ask only that the Middle Tennessee Poll at Middle Tennessee State University be cited as the source of the data.